Saturday, July 9, 2011

minutes in heaven one piece (you and zoro prt 1 *HOT ;D* )

It was late night on the straw hat pirates ship. You where in your room asleep from boredom, weighting for the log post to lock onto a different island in your pajamas
 on your desk. Suddenly Nami burst in. "WAKE UP "______"!!!I have a game that were all gonna play to pass the time. Everyone’s weighting on you SO WAKE UP!” she yelled excitedly.
*you just mumbled something ad stirred a little*
Nami rolls her eyes and shakes you “COME ON WAKE UP!” she yelled
“okay, okay I’m up I’m up,” you mumbled sleepishly
”we’ll get you some coffee once were down stairs now come on,” said Nami.
Nami practically dragged you downstairs to where everyone else was.
”Ugg,” you groaned with sleep and looked around.
Everyone was sitting in a circle except Zoro who was snoring in the corner.
”_____”-CHAN!!” said Sanji as he kinda floated over to you.
”Here’s your coffee,” he said with hearts in his eyes.
”Thank you Sanji,” you said as you calmly went to join the others at the circle.
”Haha, this is gonna be fun,” laughed Luffy.
”So… what exactly are we playing,” you said as you sipped your coffee.
”30 minutes in heaven,” said Nami as she joined the circle.
”huh?” you said. You never heard of this game before.
”nope,” you replied.
”well long story short you are locked in a closet with someone for 30 minutes to do….stuff…,” said Nami.
O//.//O “uhh okay,” you blushed a bit but was still kinda confused.
Nami held a hat in front of you with papers in it.
”Here you go first,” Nami said
”uhh,” you said in confusion
”Pick a paper. You don’t just pick who you get to go with,” said Nami
”Erm okay,” you said as u put your hand in the hat.
”this should be interesting,” smiled Robin
”Please be me, Please be me, please be me,” prayed Sanji as he crossed his fingers.
”Oh grow up,” you growled.
You pull a folded piece of paper from the hat and unfolded it.
”7?” you said.
”Who has seven?” yelled Nami.
”Shut up Sanji you have 4,” Yelled Franky.
”YAH!” said Chopper “ass hole”
Sanji went in depression mode.
everyone else shook their heads.
”snore,” went Zoro.
”Well I guess you have Zoro,” said Nami with a wink.
”shit, Fucken shit why him,” you thought.
”WAKE UP,” yelled Nami as she punched him in the head.
”Erg,” said Zoro as he stretched and stood up
”its not nice to keep a girl weighting,” Yelled Sanji
”girl…where… I only see Robin and Nami,” grumbled Zoro
You gritted you teeth “why do I have to be with sir snoresalot?” you thought again
”Idiot love chef,” Grunted Zoro.
”WHAT DID YOU SAY,” said Sanji angrily.
”you herd me,” said Zoro with a Yawn.
”Awww, don’t tell me the all famous Roronoa Zoro is scared of being in a closet wit a girl,” you taunted. You and Zoro haven’t been getting along to well since you joined. You liked him a lot but you never had the nerve to tell him because of what his reaction would be and he acted like he hated you.
Everyone laughed and smirked.
Zoro shoved his hands in his pocket and grumbled something as he started walking to the closet.
”tell me what color her panties are,” whispered Brook as Zoro walked by.
Zoro punched him in the face and entered the closet
”YOHOHOHO! SO FIERCE,” said brook as he fell over in *ssllooww mmoottiioonn*.
You chuckled as you walked into the dark room.
”DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH H-!” yelled Sanji only to be interrupted by a slamming door.
The room was pitch black and you couldn’t see a thing so you walked forward while your eyes adjusted the dark. “Uhh Zoro?” you said as your hand touched the wall in front of you. There was clicking and a sudden crack behind you then silence. “Z-zoro?” you said with a shiver of fright.
”who’s scared now,” whispered Zoro heavily in your ear.
”Zoro!” you said as you jerked back in fright bumping into Zoro and fell to the floor tangled up with him on top (XD).
”OOF,” you both said.
”what was that for,” you complained he grunted and you tried to get up but Zoro was too heavy for you to lift.
”c-can you um get off me,” you said.
Zoro grunted but instead of getting off you he adjusted himself. He grabbed both of your wrists in one hand and pinned then above your head. Then he positioned you a between his legs and put his other hand on your waist. Then he leaned close to your face.
”I find this more comfortable,” he said devilishly.
”Ummmm, z-z-Zoro what are you doing,” you said kinda nervous as felt your face turn hot.
”Whatever I want. I have you all to myself now for as long as I want,” he said as a evil smirk rose on his face.
What did he mean for as long as he wanted we only ha- O.O that’s what all that noise was! He broke the lock on the door so no one could come in.
”I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now,” he said.
His face was so close to you that you that you felt his hot breath on your skin giving you the chills causing goose bumps all over your skin. Before you could say anything to reply Zoro pushed his lips fiercely against yours.
Your face was like this O///.///O. It started of rough but then settled into a gentle kiss. He started rubbing your side with his free hand. Then he began licking and softly biting your lips asking for entrance. A smirk grew on you face as you denied him.
”playing hard to get are we now,” he thought,” I like it.” He grunted with irritation and took his hand that was on your waist and quickly slipped to your back and undid you bra. This surprised you but not enough to allow entrance. Zoro, growing more irritated, he growled and let go of your wrists and suddenly shoved you upward at standing position and shoved you against the wall but not to hard. This completely surprised you and you gasp, but through your nose not daring to give in just yet. Zoro grew very frustrated and took the hand that on your back and slip it into your P.J. bottoms and squeezed your bottom. This caused you to gasp. Zoro smirked at his victory and took advantage of this opportunity and shoved his tongue in your mouth and began eagerly exploring making it into a hard core kiss (:P) .
”now your all mine,” he whispered between kissing. You starting fighting with your tongue but quickly lost, he grinned and you let him continue exploring every part of your mouth.
Your lungs began to burn and you pulled away gasping for air. Zoro didn’t need air and began slowly kissing down your neck looking for a soft spot. Not satisfied with the amount of skin he tugged your shirt and all your buttons popped revealing you chest with an undone bra.  He grunted and slowly moved down to your caller bone.
you wrapped your arms around him and said teasingly,” your never gonna find it”
”we’ll see about that,” he said between soft kisses.
he passed by a spot where you tensed up and  gripped against his shirt. You felt a smirk grow across his face and he nibbled and licked it gently. You tried desperately held in your moan. Zoro bit a little harder, lifted your leg around his waist and stated grinding against you while rubbing your leg. You let out a soft moan.
This time he bit harder and slipped a hand up your shirt massaging one of your breasts (:P :P). This time you let out a loud moan.
”Zoooooorrrrrooooo!” you moaned.
”Now everyone knows your mine, and mine alone,” he said proudly between licks and kisses while he slip off your pajama bottoms.
there was banging on the door. “STUPID MOSS HEAD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!” yelled Sanji.
Zoro just grunted and ignored him.
you un-tucked his shirt and he suddenly takes it off showing his sexy scar and muscles.
”w-what are you d-doing,” you said very nervously.
”aahh, your cute when your nervous,” he said warmly and pushed you harder against the wall grinding harder causing you to arch you back pushing even harder against his body tingling with pleasure. Then Zoro slipped his hand down to your forbidden area and rubbed softly. Then he slipped a finger into you and stretched around for a bit. You whimpered softly and kind let out a little cry from the pain but Zoro gently kissed your neck again, comforting you and helping sooth some of the pain as he started going in and out faster causing you to cry out a bit more. Just before things could get more interesting the banging on the door began to get louder and could hear the door loosen.
You sighed and Zoro growled.
”We’ll finish this later,” whispered Zoro.
 The two of you parted and started to get dressed. You were able to put you shirt on just before Sanji kicked down the door.
”_____”~CHAN ARE YOU OKAY! DID THAT HORIBLE MAN DO ANYTHING BAD TO YOU!” Sanji said. He noticed the love marks Zoro left on you neck.
”Stupid marimo basTARD WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY POOR “_____”~CHAN!” yelled Sanji.
”nothing she didn’t want idiot love cook,” Zoro replied.
”ILL KILL YOU!” yelled Sanji.
they started fighting and you walked out.
”so. How’d it go,” said Nami with a smirk.
you didn’t reply.
Robin giggled *saw the whole thing*
Zoro punched Sanji in the face and sent him flying and walked out to return to his nap in the corner.
Later that night you walked back your to your room to find Zoro weighting by your door.
”guess you didn’t come for just a good night kiss,” you said sleepily.
He smirked and literally pounced on you and you two pushed through the door and on the bed.
”Ready to finish what we started?” he said.
”do I have a choice,” you giggled.
”hmm… nope,” he replied and kissed you.
He pulled back and said,” I love you”
”I love you too,” you replied.
Then Zoro began to finish what he started. :P

minutes in heaven one piece (you and zoro prt 1 *HOT :D* )